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Gable boxes

Gable boxes


Are you looking for a pouch packaging as an attractive packaging for light products such as coffee, tea and spices? An individual gift packaging with insertable or automatic base? Discover the pouch boxes from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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1. What are gable boxes?

Gable boxes (also called bag boxes) are a special variant of folding boxes with a pointed closure on the top that resembles the gable of a rooftop. Otherwise, their shape is like a shopping bag. gable boxes are opened from the top and can be closed again as often as required. Our gable boxes are available in individual sizes and are delivered flat to the customer.

2. The construction of gable boxes

labelprint24's printed gable boxes are made from various types of solid carton and have a tapered punched closure which is assembled and glued during folding. The bottom is either an reverse tuck end or a particularly tightly closing auto bottom.

This typical, functional design makes the gable boxes not only a great packaging material, but also stable. They can therefore be optimally positioned at the POS, with or without counter displays, within sight and reach of the customer.

3. Potential applications of gable boxes

Each gable fulfils a different packaging taself-adhesive with several functions. However, they all have one thing in common: they are intended to address potential buyers emotionally and thus influence the purchase decision.

3.1 Functions of gable boxes

Among the many functions that a gable box must fulfil are packaging, protection, information, and marketing.

The packaging function is fulfilled by surrounding the contents so that they can be portioned, transported, and stored.

The protective function protects what's inside from damage and contamination during transport or outside influences. Since the vast majority of gable boxes are filled with food, the issue of contamination and compliance with strict legal requirements for food packaging are vital. Protection against contamination also explains why some foods are additionally shrink-wrapped in a plastic bag before being packaged in gable boxes. The carton itself does not have sufficient barrier properties for that product.

gable boxes serve a marketing function if used to promote brands or build customer loyalty. Packaging for optimal product presentation makes an emotional appeal to drive consumer purchasing decisions.

The information function includes the space required to print such information as weight, price, content name, composition, nutrition table, manufacturer, etc.. This can also be considered a labelling function.

3.2 Typical applications of gable boxes

As an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic packaging, gable boxes are preferred for loose foods such as rice, confectionery, or spices, since they can be practically portioned and dispensed from the box.

They can also be used as gift packaging to underline the exclusive character of the gift item and enhance its value.

gable boxes made of natural or recycled carton are very often found as popular packaging on the shelves of organic markets and health food stores, as they are a trendy packaging for organic products. A punched-out window allow customers to take a peek at the teas, power food, grains, seeds, or nuts inside.

3.3 Distinctions from and relationships with other packaging

There are other types of packaging that are very similar to a gable box. These include stand-up pouches, which are often used for dry animal feed, tea bag boxes, boxes with carrying handles, and upright folding boxes, e.g. cereal boxes. When selecting these types of packaging, not only the protective function but also the taste of the customer, the packaging costs, and the product design play a decisive role.

For tea bags, square tea boxes are the first choice, as they are optimally tailored to tea bags and enable easy removal and reclosure on the kitchen shelf. For loose tea, the gable box may be preferable, since loose tea can be more easily dispensed. In the case of pet food, such as dry food for dogs, large quantities are often filled into a package which stands up solely due to its weight. High-quality printed stand-up pouches made of paper or plastic are standard in that industry.

In order to increase the advertising effect of gable boxes, they are also often used together with other folding box products. Examples of this are foldable counter displays and POS sales displays made of carton. In sales displays, gable boxes can be stacked, presented, and combined with other advertising media, such as information flyers. An additional advertising space is made available for high-quality printing to further enhance their marketing effect.

4. Printing and finishing of gable boxes

High-quality printing matched to the carton is extremely important for every folding box. But this is especially true for the gable box. Our gable boxes are printed using digital offset printing. The advantages of this technology compared to conventional offset printing are:

  • immediate drying which enables seamless further processing
  • affordable small and medium-sized production runs
  • personalised print jobs possible
  • high print quality similar to offset
  • no lead times, because no printing form is required
  • use of different printing substrates (paper, plastic films, self-adhesive material) without retooling or special inks

In addition to printing, a finish tailored to the purpose also plays an important role in the production of these boxes. As a professional folding box manufacturer, we can offer you a variety of finishes, some of which can ordered directly using the online calculator.

Finishes can be selected directly in the online calculator:

  • Dispersion coating (matte/glossy)
  • Protective laminate (matte/glossy)
  • Form punching
  • Warning triangles for people with visual impairments

Other optional finishes include:

  • blind embossing
  • cellophane wrapping or lamination
  • Hot foil stamping (gloss and matte effects; gold/ silver)
  • punching and grooving
  • UV coating (high-gloss, full-surface, digital)

5. Range of services

As a manufacturer of gable boxes, our services range from consultation, development, and production to packaging and delivery.

Special advantages with labelprint24:

  • any format of your choosing
  • orders accepted for as few as 10 pieces
  • sample runs on request at any time
  • online calculator with instant price
  • fast delivery times and free shipping

6. Turnaround

We can deliver your individually printed boxes in just 7-10 business days. We can also off rush production in 5 working days and express production in just 2 working days.

7. Material

labelprint24 is one of the suppliers with the largest selection of paper types and carton types with different grammages for printing hinged-lid boxes.

Suitable materials in our portfolio:

  • white standard carton
  • high white carton
  • colour carton
  • thicker carton
  • recycled/organic carton
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