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Cardboard sheets cut to size

Cardboard sheets cut to size

Are you looking for a hanger with a Euro hole that is individually tailored to your format? Printed or unprinted, with many finishes? Discover the cardboard blanks and Euro hole hangers from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

Choose your product and calculate it directly online!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

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Cardboard blanks at Labelprint24

What are cardboard blanks?

Carton blanks are produced from folding carton materials. These include cardboard types such as black cardboard, thick cardboard, natural cardboard or bright white cardboard. They can be printed and finished. This makes them particularly suitable for information and advertising purposes. Our blanks can be ordered made-to-measure and in standard format. We also offer blanks with or without a euro hole hanger

What are the functions?

One function of the carton blank is the advertising function. They can provide the customer with more information about the product and the brand and are therefore inserted into the printed packaging. Blanks with Euro-perforations are mostly used in combination with transparent packaging. In this case, the packaging is glued to the front of the hanger. Euro-hole hangers are often found directly at the point of sale, as they fulfil their advertising function perfectly there. 

Another function of the cut is the protection function. Products can be separated and protected within a package. Visually, this also ensures a very neat and appealing result.

Cardboard blanks made to measure

  • Individual:

    Length, height and width are freely adjustable
    Different shelves for products of different weights 

  • Protects:

    Can be printed over the entire surface
    Various finishing options

  • Effective for advertising:

    Space-saving transportable
    Easy and quick to assemble
    Low price 

Where are they used?

For delicatessen, cosmetics and promotional gifts. Cardboard blanks are often used to present products in a high-quality way. One example is chocolates or creams. However, they are also used in combination with transparent packaging such as toy cars and batteries. Cardboard blanks are also used for the transport of goods. They are robust and thus provide a protective function for the shipment of goods. 

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What types of cardboard blanks and Euro hole hangers are available?

Cardboard cut to size – standard

Euro hole hanger - one-sided

Euro hole hanger - two-sided

What materials are available?

Cardboard blanks coloured

Design your cardboard blanks in colour! Whether single blanks or several to separate products. Choose an appropriate colour from a wide range of stand-out options!

Simple cardboard blanks

You also have the option of choosing between different materials for the blanks. Labelprint24 offers you the following materials in addition to the coloured cardboard: white standard cardboard, bright white cardboard, thicker cardboard and recycled cardboard/natural cardboard.

Cardboard blanks from corrugated board

Do you have long and bumpy transport routes? With corrugated board you have a real 2-in-1 packaging material. Its structure makes it perfect for protecting, transporting or separating goods. It is robust and ensures that your goods arrive safely. At the same time, it also ensures that your products are beautifully packaged. 

Which finishes are possible?

Hot foil stamping

Do you want to highlight information, advertising or a logo? Hot foil stamping is a great way to add a gold, rose gold or silver accent in a matt or glossy finish. In our online calculator, you can choose between different colours and design the packaging of your choice. 

Design cardboard blank

The cardboard blank and labels can be customised in a variety of ways. Choose the size, material, coating and finishing according to your wishes. Do you have any unanswered questions ? Please contact us! We will be happy to help you. 

Buy cardboard blanks

In our online calculator, you have the option of selecting the right cardboard blank for your product packaging. In addition to the quantity, you can also select the format, colour, coating and much more. Your selection is calculated in real time. So you always get the current price