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Wrap labels

Wrap labels

Are you looking for a label that conveys all important information? A wrap-around label that easily marks your round product? Order wrap-around labels with front print from!

  • Information sheet replaces the outer packaging and the package leaflet.
  • Informative one-sided print on the front of the label
  • Can be opened, unrolled and closed several times

Discover the wrap-around labels with back print !

  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Finish Options
    Film / Varnish

Wrap-around labels are particularly suitable for small round containers. Since the label might have to wrap around packaging, it is helpful if the packaging has the tightest radius possible. The inexpensive production process makes these wrap-around labels more affordable than double-layer labels with paper booklets -> booklet labels.

Structure of wrap-around labels

The resistant film material must be easily shaped without tearing. It is permanently adhered to the round container at one point. The remainder of the label is dispensed by machine and tightly wrapped around the container. Once the label has been fully wrapped on, the last round is glued in place and marked with a flap for opening and closing.

Advantages and sample applications

  • Automatic dispensing
  • For opening and reading
  • Front and back printing possible
  • Reclosable label
  • Ideal for multilingual content
  • Can replace package inserts/packing slips
  • Saves on outer packaging such as folding boxes
  • Offers extensive space for information even on small round containers
  • Customer information can be easily printed and even extended
  • Also well suited for marketing promotions
  • All formats available
  • All colours, shapes, motifs
  • Can be produced digitally