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Stand-up pouches

Stand-up pouches

Are you looking for a pouch that is suitable for finely ground, powdery or aromatic products? A flexible packaging that protects against air, moisture and UV radiation? Order the Doypacks from!

  • Oval base and hole / Eurohole suspension option
  • Oxygen, carbon dioxide and aroma barrier
  • For solid products, pastes, powders, liquids

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  • Production
    From 10 days
  • Material
    Foil / Paper
  • Surface
    Matt / Gloss
  • Option
    Window / Zipper
    Tear flap


Quantity and number of versions

Please enter the desired total quantity. Minimal quantity: 250 for sort
Please enter the desired total amount. Min. order quantity: 10 per type.
Please also state the number of types.

Note: The number per type will only be queried at the end of the order when you upload data.

Example order
Quantity: 5000
Number of types: 3

- Type 1: 3000
- Type 2: 1500
- Type 3: 500


Please select the following features:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Length: 80 - 500 mm
Width: 75 - 105 mm
Height: 160 - 380 mm
Maximal values cannot be combined. Please note -> Inner dimensions: In case of doubt, we recommend choosing the packaging at least 2 mm larger than the dimensions of the product to be packed.
Filling height: 210 mm
The given dimensions refer to the outer dimensions of the packaging! Please note this when entering your values.
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Please select the following features:
- Window type


Basic closing PE zipper
No closing zipper
Basic closing PE zipper
without hole sunspension, with tear notch
No tear notch
without hole sunspension, with tear notch
with hole suspension, without tear notch
with euro hole suspension, without tear notch
with hole suspension, with tear notch
with euro hole suspension, with tear notch

Cutting tool


Please select the following features:
- Material
- Material properties
Weiße Folie - PE-EVOH-PE / ca. 95 µm dick / Monomaterial recylingfähig
Transparente Folie - PE -EVOH-PE / ca. 95 µm dick / Monomaterial recylingfähig
White film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 87 µm thick
White film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 112 µm thick
Transparent film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 87 µm thick
Transparent film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 112 µm thick
Metallised film (silver) - PET / PE | approx. 100 µm thick
Brown natural Paper/PE EVOH I approx. 130 µm thickness
White paper/PE EVOH I approx. 120 µm thickness

Colour: outside white / inside white
Details: excellent oxygen, carbon dioxide and aroma barrier
Total thickness: approx. 95 µm - ideal for small bags up to 1500 ml
Suitable for: including solid products, pastes, powders, liquids
Note: The information on the material / barrier property are guidelines. They are not a substitute for tests specific to the product.


Color: 4-color Euroscale + white is only available for transparent film and metalized film.


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Stand- up pouches at Labelprint24.com__



What are doypacks?

Stand-up pouches or doypacks belong to our range of flexible packaging and are a classic variant of our pouch packaging.
They are characterised by the typical shape of the base: The bottom is oval welded, which is what gives the doypacks their secure footing in the first place.

Another classic feature is the pressure cap. The so-called zipper ensures excellent and convenient resealability after opening. In this way, the contents remain optimally protected.

Where can doypacks be used?

Are you looking for practical, flexible and safe packaging for liquid products? Or do you need packaging that really keeps dry products dry - even after opening? Our doypacks are ideal for these and many other applications.

The typical shape, the high-quality material and the zipper closure make stand-up pouches to a perfect solution for numerous products:


Dry, aromatic food

Especially foods, should not lose any of their intensive aroma, are in good hands in doypacks. Powdery foods like coffee or spices, finely ground herbs or whole packed foods like nuts or dry food - our stand- up pouches offer ideal aroma protection and preserve freshness.

Liquid food

Our stand-up pouches are also ideal for liquid foods. Juices, yoghurts, fruit purees, baby food or ready-made products such as soups, sauces or rice dishes are packaged in our doypacks in an odourless and tasteless way. So enjoyment is always guaranteed.

Chemical & alcohol products

Not only food can be packed reliably and safe with doypacks. It is also suitable for a wide range of chemical and alcoholic products. Washing powder, colours, cleaning agents and disinfection agents and also care products for the car get an attractive and safe packaging.


What are the advantages of doypacks from Labelprint24?

Our stand-up pouches can convince with a variety of advantages. You can find here an overview of the most important advantages:
  • suitable for almost any application
  • large selection of sizes, types and options
  • high material savings compared to other types of packaging
  • low storage and transport costs compared to other types of packaging
  • stability

Optimal protection

Our doypacks are made of high-quality materials. Through this all packed products get an optimal protection: a reliable barrier ensures aroma protection, all materials are odourless and tasteless as well as addition, the stand- up pouches are stable and tear- resistant.

Practical transport

Flexible packaging like our doypacks means maximum content with minimum packaging expense. This also pays off during transport:

More goods and less weight make stand- up pouches one of the most efficient packaging options- not at least in terms of transport costs.

Real eye-catcher

When it comes to the visual design of your stand-up pouches, all options are open to you . Thanks to different materials and our excellent digital offset printing, it's easy to turn a package into a powerful marketing tool. The large surface area of the pouch offers plenty of space for a unique design and important information- a clear advantage at the point of sale.


Which design is available for our doypacks?

Our stand- up pouches could be configured in many ways to suit your individual needs. We offer you different materials so that they really have the properties your products need:

The Materials


Here you have the choice between white and transparent polypropylene (PP). Both variants are provided wtih a SiOx (silicon oxide) -coating. This not only gives the poches an enormous barrier performance, it also reduce the permeability of oxygen and water vapour. Sensitive- aromatic and easily perishable - products are thus optimally protected every time.

Composite materials

Our aluminium composite film, which is available as metallised PP/AL film, offers the highest barrier performance. It is predestined for high- end products in the food sector, because the stable haptic and noble metallic optic goes hand in hand with this packaging material. The composite film can also provide effective protection against the exposure of light.

The components


Some products are not completely consumed after opening the pack. This is no problem with the practical zipper: It makes the stand- up pouch easy to reclose and ensures continued freshness and the best protection of the pouch contents.


Even though the doypacks have a firm stand, they can be presented differently without any problems thanks to the hole or Euro hole suspension.


Tear- off tabs 

The tear- off tabs are an extra comfort for your customers: It makes the pouch easier to open without using scissors.


We can offer you a range of further design options: 

  • If you want to show your customer what is in their shopping trolley while they are shopping, the doypacks can be provided with a transparent viewing window.

  • To be able to handle better with liquid products, spouts are also possible as an alternative to the usual closures. Juices, sauces, detergents and similar products can be removed cleanly in this way.

  • For aromatic strong products, the doypacks can also be equipped with an aroma valve.

  • In addition to our material selection our stand- up pouches can be realised with various special materials -however, these are only possible on request.

If you have special wishes for the design of your stand- up pouches, please contact our consultants. They will discuss with you directly, how you can achieve the perfect doypack.  


Doypacks, environmentally compatible and recycling

The use of polypropylene (PP) for the production of our stand- up pouches not only guarantees the best protective properties for the packed goods.Unlike other plastics, our choice of material also lays the foundation for good recycling.

Thanks to the simple disposal in the yellow bag or the yellow bin and efficient scanner- technologies in the sorting facilities, PP- packaging can be separated from other plastics to 98 percent. This in turn is the basis for high-quality recycling.

The composition of our PP Doypacks is also completely harmless to health and polypropylene also scores significantly better than other plastics when it comes to environmental compatibility. Because the PP films are also extremely stable and less material is needed for production - which at the same time means that in the end a much lower volume of waste is produced.

The ink is overlaid with an additional film layer. The ink does not come into contact with the content of the packaging or the outside world as it is between two layers of material.

Our service and delivery time for your stand-up pouches

Do you search for an optimal pouch packaging for your product? Then, of course, we are at your disposal with our experience and competence as a manufacturer of high-quality pouch packaging - from consulting to the development and production to confectioning and delivery.

Benefit from the special advantages that Lableprint24 can offer you:
  • Wide-ranging designoptions, thanks to a 100 percent freely calculable format - from size to type to the personalised printing.

  • Even tiny quantities are possible, our doypacks can therefore be ordered from as little as 10 pieces.

  • Our convenient online-calculation ensures maximum transparency and immediately shows you the instant price for your desired configuration.

  • Fast delivery times (delivery individually printed stand-up pouches as a best-price product after 15 working days, with express production even already after 10 working days) and free shipping.

  • We will be happy to send you a sample print at any time on request.
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