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Labels with reverse-side printing

Labels with reverse-side printing

Labels with reverse-side printing are printed not only on the front but also on the adhesive side. The single or multi-coloured print of the motif is carried out directly into the adhesive on the back of the label roll and is visible after applying the label through each transparent surface.

Label calculator

Number of labels:
Number of versions:
Number of labels: 10+
Number of versions: 1+
Please enter the number of different versions for the selected format here.

If you require individual subdivisions per version please indicate these in the text box after completing the order. We will remind you again when you subsequently upload your print data.
Material properties:

Application: mainly indoor use, dry area
Temperature: -4 °F to +176 °F
For use on: rigid containers - such as glass, PET, plastics, cartons...
Sample applications: labels for spirits, cosmetics labels, food labels,...
Additional feature: subsequently thermal transfer printable, thermal transfer ribbons in online shop

Upper material:
Minimum width of the label: 20 mm
Minimum height of the label: 20 mm
Corner radius: 1 - 10 mm
Please select the following features:
- Size
- Die
A new die will be created For the selected size.
Info for price for new cutting shapes: Even if a cutting shape already exists, it can be better to create new one in order to achieve lowest price.
Width: mm 
Height: mm
Type of label:

Die cuts:
Corner radius: 2 mm / Change / Standard: 2 mm
Colour - Bottom material:
Digital printing
Colour - The upper material - Front:
Please select the type of varnish.

Note: Labels printed with digital inkjet printing require no varnish for protection.
Protective coating - UV:


Please choose a foil type for hotstamping your labels.
Refinement / Hot-foil stamping:  None   Change
Please choose the type of tactile warning triangle for your labels.
Warning triangles:  None   Change

Roll wind and core size

Choose the core size for your label rolls as well as the wind direction for your labels.

Your individual selection is shown in the adjacent roll image.
Core diameter:
Roll wind direction:

Number of labels per roll: 1+

Outer diameter of roll:
Min. = 77 mm | Max. = 300 mm


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Only selectable for digital inkjet printing jobs: Please also note the time sequence:

- Prototype proof: Production and shipping time = approximately 2 working days - production and shipment after final
approval by customer

In a prototype spot colours are simulated in Euroscale and finishings (embossing) are not taken into account.
If your labels are printed subsequently
- we strongly recommend to select a UV protective coating.
We will validate your barcode according to ISO/IEC 15416, ISO/IEC 15417 or GS1 General Specification. We will send you a certificate for your reference.

Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

Working days: Mon - Fri
except holidays
Production time:
Country of delivery:
Offer - Digital printing
Base net price 403,33 £
Proportionate tooling costs 39,61 £

Total net
442,94 £

VAT 20% UK 88,59 £
Total incl. VAT
531,53 £
Transport included!

Please note: These special online prices only apply for orders made directly online, and not by phone, fax or email.

Labels with printed adhesive side

For labelling products with transparent surfaces, reverse side printing can also be applied into the adhesive in addition to the front side. The advantage of labels with reverse-side printing is the additional information and advertising surface created with the reverse-side printing; an effect that is otherwise usually found mainly in multi-layer labels. Due to the single-layer production, labels with reverse-side printing in manfacture are a lot cheaper than for example sandwich labels or booklet labels. However, they are limited in space to the front and back.

Labels with reverse-side printing are used, for example, for communicating additional product information on transparent bottles or on containers which are filled with a transparent liquid or transparent films. Typical examples of this would be high-quality mineral water bottles or spirits. If the glass bottles are ground with a magnifying effect at this point, i.e. where the label is attached, spatial 3D effects can be generated. A further area of application would be the conveyance of text in several languages, operating instructions, warnings or other textual information, without having to do without a design having advertising appeal.

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