K-Seal stand-up pouches

The pouch packaging with K-Bottom is characterized by the welding seams at the bottom, which are designed in the shape of the letter "K". The great advantage of this type of packaging is the larger filling volume due to the sealed seams, which take up less space.

  • Wide range of materials (transparent, metallized, white)
  • Various designs (with/without suspension and/or tear tab)
  • High quality barrier properties
  • production time starting from 10 days
  • wide range of materials
  • 100% free formats for all products


Quantity and number of versions

Please enter the desired total quantity. Minimal quantity: 250 for sort
Please enter the desired total amount. Min. order quantity: 10 per type.
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Note: The number per type will only be queried at the end of the order when you upload data.

Example order
Quantity: 5000
Number of types: 3

- Type 1: 3000
- Type 2: 1500
- Type 3: 500


Please select the following features:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Length: 80 - 500 mm
Width: 65 - 95 mm
Height: 160 - 750 mm
Maximal values cannot be combined.
Filling height: 170 mm
The given dimensions refer to the outer dimensions of the packaging! Please note this when entering your values.
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Please select the following features:
- Window type


Basic closing PE zipper
No closing zipper
Basic closing PE zipper
Tear notch
No tear notch
Tear notch
with hole suspension, without pull tab
with euro hole suspension, without pull tab
with hole suspension, with pull tab
with euro hole suspension, with pull tab

Cutting tool


Please select the following features:
- Material
- Material properties
White film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 87 µm thick
White film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 112 µm thick
Transparent film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 87 µm thick
Transparent film - PET / PE-EVOH-PE | approx. 112 µm thick
Metallised film (silver) - PET / PE | approx. 100 µm thick
Brown natural Paper/PE EVOH I approx. 110 µm thickness
White paper/PE EVOH I approx. 110 µm thickness
Weiße Folie - PE-EVOH-PE / ca. 110 µ dick / Monomaterial recylingfähig
Transparente Folie - PE -EVOH-PE / ca. 110 µ dick / Monomaterial recylingfähig

Colour: outside white / inside white
Details: excellent oxygen, carbon dioxide and aroma barrier
Total thickness: approx. 87 µ - ideal for small bags up to 500 ml
Suitable for: including solid products, pastes, powders, liquids
Note: The information on the material / barrier property are guidelines. They are not a substitute for tests specific to the product.


Color: 4-color Euroscale + white is only available for transparent film and metalized film.


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2 working days delivery


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Total net 981,90 €
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The K-seal stand-up pouch is characterised by the special shape of its weld seams at the bottom. These form the shape of the letter "K", which is why it is also called a K-seal or K-bottom. Thanks to this base, it is very stable and can stand upright. It is manufactured either as a plastic pouch, which is usually made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or a combination of PET-PE (polyethylene terephthalate-polyethylene) and PET-PP (polyethylene terephthalate-polypropylene), or as a paper pouch. The weld seams only take up little space, which results in a large filling volume.

It is available in various designs, formats and materials. Different versions must be selected depending on the area of application. The K-Seal can be used for food products or non-food products.

Thanks to its material, the K-Seal stand-up pouch has high barrier properties against oxygen, carbon dioxide, aromas, flavours and water vapour. With us, you can choose between different formats (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml) or tell us a custom format according to your wishes.

Possible uses of the K-Seal

The possibilities uses of the K-Seal are vast. It can be used to transport solid products, pastes, liquids, or also powders. It is often filled with foodstuffs, hygiene products or cleaning agents for the household.

We make sure that you can design your custom K-Seal stand-up pouch. You can freely choose which shape and colour your stand-up pouch should be, and which material it should be made of. With the help of our calculator, you can implement your wishes quickly and easily.

We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to working out an individual solution together with you.

We not only manufacture pouch packaging, but also labelsfolding boxestubes and corrugated cardboard packaging.

Which variations of the K-Seal are there?

The K-Seal requires particular designs depending on the area of application. It is important to know exactly what it will be used for later. It is to be used once or more often? What is going to be packed in it?

Labelprint24 offers the K-Seal in different versions. You can choose whether your pouch packaging should have a tear tab, a hanging hole, a Euro hanging hole or no characteristics. Of course, you can also combine the tear tab with a hanging hole. You can see all possible combinations here:

Tear-off hole with euro hole suspension
Tear-off hole with hole suspension
Tear-off hole without suspension
without tear-off hole, with eurohole suspension
without tear-off hole, with hole suspension
without tear-off hole, without suspension

What are the material properties of K-Seal stand-up pouches?

The K-Seal is available in white, metallised, or with a transparent multi-layer film. The basic structure of the stand-up pouch is made of plastic (PE – polyethylene). The white foil, with a total thickness of 87 µ, is particularly suitable for pouches up to 500 ml.

You can find an overview here of the materials that we offer in the calculator with a high or maximum barrier:

White film – PET/PE-EVOH-PE

approx. 87 µ thick – ideal for small pouches up to 500 ml

approx. 112 µ thick – ideal for larger pouches from 750 ml
Transparent film – PET/PE-EVOH-PE

approx. 87 µ thick – ideal for small pouches up to 500 ml

approx. 112 µ thick – ideal for larger pouches from 750 ml
Metallised film (silver) – PET/PE

approx. 100µ thick – for metallised printing results

White film – PET/ALU/PE

about 108 µ thick – ideal for products with a service life of more than 12 months


You can custom-design all of our stand-up pouches. Whether you want your company logo, promotional prints or standard prints, such as warning notices, on your pouch, we will print and refine the pouch according to your wishes..

Environmental status of the K-Seal stand-up pouches made of PP and PE

When being disposed of, our composite materials made of the plastics PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) are first washed, after being sorted, in order to free them from any foreign matter. The material is then processed further. The film can thus be recycled without any further problems. This is not only efficient, but can also save around 60 percent on energy compared to new production.
We have made it our goal to be able to offer you 100% recyclable pouches.

Range of services

As a professional manufacturer of printed labels, folding boxes, tubes and pouch packaging, we provide competent advice and will develop, produce and deliver your desired product.

The special advantages for you when using Labelprint24:

  • 100% freely calculable format
  • Can be calculated online with an instant price
  • Fast delivery times and free shipping

Delivery times

We deliver your custom K-seal stand-up pouches as a best-price product after 15 working days. In addition, we offer our customers the express production service in just 10 working days.

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