Folding boxes with tuck flaps

Folding boxes with tuck flaps

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Length: 42 - 232 mm
Width: 8 - 198 mm
Height: 45 - 400 mm
Glued Edge: 8 - 25 mm
Closing Flap: 8 - 25 mm

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Glued Edge: 15 mm / Closing Flap: 15 mm / Change
Glued Edge: mm
Closing Flap: mm

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Download our data check list for your printing data. You can request this service in addition to a proof in PDF format separately with each order. Your data will be reviewed by us with respect to the following properties: correct size and trim, CMYK colour model (no RGB), fonts contained (in open files, or PDF), resolution of the pixel data, fold marks for folded products, line weight for vector objects. In case of errors, we will naturally send you an email with the items to be changed.

Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

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Our quotation for you
Base net price 498,97 £
Proportionate tooling costs 67,93 £
Total net
566,90 £
VAT 20% UK 113,38 £
Total incl. VAT
680,28 £

Please note: These special online prices only apply for orders made directly online, and not by phone, fax or email.

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