Folding box with straight tuck end

Folding box with straight tuck end

This folding box with opposite flaps and tuck-in flaps consists of a single piece, which is glued at points along the long side with the adhesive flap. The folding box with tuck-in flaps at the bottom and top is securely closed by folding in the two dust flaps and the one tuck-in flap.

This box complies with the ECMA A2320 / A20.20.01.01 Standard.

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Perfume and cosmetic packaging, packaging of pharmaceutical products, chocolate and confectionery packaging, media packaging, high-quality refined packaging, ISEGA certificate for dry and oily food, PZH certificate for use in the food industry (dry and oily foods)

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Folding box with tuck-in flap

In industrial packaging, folding boxes with tuck-in flaps are mainly used to surround lightweight objects with secondary packaging.
Typical applications for folding boxes with tuck-in flaps are packaging of medicines, foodstuffs, computer accessories, and cosmetics products. But this list is almost endless: every perfume, almost every cream, spice, or tea bag are packed in boxes with tuck-in flaps.
Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps serve several functions at a same time: they protect their contents against external influences such as dust, moisture, light, or scratches. It serves as transport packaging and ensures that the products can be easily stacked and presented on the shelves. Its surface can also be printed with eye-catching advertising or information or provided with other packaging materials such as labels.

Advantages of folding boxes with tuck-in flaps:

  • large area for information
  • striking advertising possible on all sides
  • easy to fill
  • window punching possible
  • can be tightly closed again after opening
  • very stackable
  • low-cost production
  • different sizes and variants

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Printed folding box with straight tuck end Punch outline of folding box with straight tuck end Straight tuck end Folding box

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