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Natural cardboard for folding boxes that inspire

Natural cardboard has gained considerable popularity as a packaging material in recent years. Packaging often consists of the universally known plain brown cardboard. Most of the time, they are decorated very little or not at all. Nevertheless, the packaging, which is often used for natural products, stands out among the other packaging on the shelf.


Natural cardboard or also called kraft cardboard is brown cardboard made of solid board containing recycled fibers. Since the cardboard is machine-smoothed, it is neither coated nor bleached, thus creating the natural brown color of the cardboard. Natural cardboard consists exclusively of natural fibers (primary as well as secondary fibers) and does not contain any chemical or artificial additives.

Boxes made of natural cardboard often resemble shipping boxes made of corrugated cardboard. However, natural cardboard is a solid board, which is often multi-layered, but has no corrugated layer. Even without corrugations, folding boxes made of natural cardboard are very stable, as natural cardboard has a high bending stiffness and a high tear strength. Due to the special fiber structure of natural cardboard, even natural cardboard with a low grammage has a high stability.


Natural cardboard is very popular because of its properties. The brown color makes the cardboard look ecological and noble. Mostly, packaging made of natural cardboard is only minimally printed and finished; this underlines the simple and natural character of the packaging. The mostly simple presentation of packaging made of natural cardboard puts the product in the foreground without the packaging being lost among other products at the point of sale.

The packaging for the products of the Narmony brand consists of plain brown natural cardboard with colorful labels, which ideally stand out from the simple outer packaging. The brand sells natural cosmetic products, so the natural cardboard with its ecological character perfectly suits the products.

Klappschachtel aus Naturkarton mit DruckKlappschachtel aus Naturkarton mit InlayKartonzuschnitt aus Naturkarton

Of course, a natural cardboard does not have to remain simply brown. It can be printed and finished just like all our cardboard. However, it must be remembered that the printing inks on the material acquire an earthy, brown undertone. The darker the color, the less this effect. Thus, especially dark colors such as black are well suited for printing on natural cardboard. But white printing on natural cardboard also has a particularly beautiful effect that further emphasizes the simplicity of the material.

bedruckter Naturkarton

Finishes such as hot foil stamping in gold and silver make the cardboard a real eye-catcher and further set the folding boxes made of natural cardboard apart from other packaging products. Blind embossing not only creates a versatile, interesting look for the boxes, but also creates a tactile effect that makes the folding boxes attractive.

A particularly striking feature of kraft cardboard is its special feel. Whether with or without blind embossing, the natural cardboard conveys a unique feel. The special fiber structure can be felt and gives the material a natural feel. Since the cardboard is not coated but machine-smoothed, its front side still feels smooth. The back of the cardboard is matt and feels rough thanks to the recognizable fiber structure.

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