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Flexible, attractive and individual - the new paper bag packaging from is consistently continuing on its path to becoming a system provider for packaging and is expanding its portfolio at regular intervals - in this case at the request of its customers. Because the consumer need for conveniently packaged products is great - market experts forecast global growth of 4.2 per cent annually until 2025.

The fact that Doypacks & Co. belong to the particularly dynamically growing packaging solutions is not only due to their positive characteristics - handy, light, resealable - but also to new finishing techniques and intelligent material combinations.

For example, completely dispenses with aluminium for the digitally printable paper pouch packaging and uses high-barrier materials made of brown uncoated paper and white paper for the new products - alternatively, a flat pouch made of 100% recyclable white uncoated paper can also be exclusively configured and calculated on the website.

The natural texture and matt look of the new pouch packaging leave plenty of creative scope for design - a subtle pattern that highlights the look of the paper or an eye-catching print with intense colours? There are hardly any limits to the individual and high-quality design of the pouch packaging - regardless of whether it is a sustainable natural product or an exclusive luxury product.

And the more individual the packaging, the greater the attention that the product generates at the point of sale. The fact that even unusual customer requests can be implemented in high quality is made possible by the modern digital printing technology that uses to produce the bags. This means that even small runs can be produced cost-effectively and in the shortest possible time, and can score points with their properties.

This also includes the topic of sustainability - Doypacks, K-Seal and flat pouch packaging from not only impress with their appearance and versatility, but also with a low volume of waste and reduced storage and transport costs. Because compared to other packaging such as classic boxes or glass containers, they require up to 95 per cent less material in production for the same amount of packaging content.

And the contents are well packaged - thanks to the combination of paper and PE, the pouch packaging has a unique feel, great stability and a high level of product protection, intensified by the EVOH barrier layer in the brown and white pouch variants.

The reliable barrier offers ideal aroma protection, is food-safe, odourless and tasteless and ensures that the contents remain fresh for a long time. This benefits not only foods such as coffee, dried fruits, nuts and spices, but also pastes, liquids, hygiene products and cleaning agents. The contents of the packaging are effectively protected from light, moisture and UV radiation and remain fresh for longer even after opening thanks to a resealable zipper.

So it is only a matter of time before the first paper pouches from will delight customers all over Europe at the point of sale.

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