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Megatrend Silver Society and the impact on the packaging industry

Society is getting older and older: between 2000 and 2018, the proportion of people over the age of 65 increased by almost 10 percent, according to the Federal Institute for Population Research. Seniors thus make up around one third of the total population, and the trend is still rising. This means that the needs of older and elderly people are becoming increasingly important.


Circular packaging design guideline: The guide for recyclable packaging

What are the requirements for packaging to be optimally recyclable? What possibilities are there for manufacturers to combine appealing packaging design and excellent recyclability? The Circular Packaging Design Guideline of the University of Applied Sciences (FH) Campus Vienna shows which means can be used to efficiently close material and product cycles.

Industry knowledge

Packaging and logistics: Innovative concepts for the future

Of course, logistics companies must also adapt to digitalisation and Industry 4.0. These terms only very roughly describe the range of social, economic and technological trends that will become relevant in the near future.


Natural cardboard for folding boxes that inspire

Natural cardboard has gained considerable popularity as a packaging material in recent years. Packaging often consists of the ...

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Shipping costs - the big provider comparison

Sending a parcel or package within Germany or to another country can involve completely different shipping costs with ...

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Folding box machine for glueing and folding

As one of the leading manufacturers of packaging materials, we are faced with an increasing demand for sophisticated, high-quality product and shipping packaging. Producing attractive and functional folding cartons requires a consistently high carton quality with an extensive degree of automation. Another technological highlight from our machine park helps us to achieve this: a folding box glueing and folding system.

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Checklist for a stress-free move

"Moving stress-free" may sound almost impossible, but it is definitely doable. With a good mix of planning, structure and the right ...

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Packing safely for transport

A guide for everyone who wants to pack goods. Parcel shipping in Germany is booming: in recent years, the volume of shipments packed in shipping cartons has risen continuously. ...

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Show your colours: Sustainable inks and pigments for packaging printing

When it comes to packaging and the topic of sustainability, the focus is usually on the materials used. But these are only one aspect of many: The inks and pigments used in packaging printing also play a major role. Because these have to meet strict specifications, especially in the food sector - and at the same time can be composed more sustainably.

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The Corona year 2021, and the consequences of the pandemic for the printing industry

Two years after the start of the Corona pandemic, there is still no relief in sight. Even though the WHO is cautiously talking about a possible improvement of the situation in 2022, the further course of the pandemic is more than uncertain. New mutations of the virus, such as the current Omicron variant, and a low vaccination rate have caused the infection figures in Germany to rise extremely in the last quarter of 2021 and at the beginning of the new year 2022 - with renewed drastic effects on society and the economy.

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Labelling requirements for medicinal products: This information has to appear on the packaging

Incorrect or missing labelling of medicines can, in the worst case, have serious consequences for consumers. The labelling obligation for medicines is therefore enormously important. Violations can also result in fines and legal consequences.


Flexible, attractive and individual - the new paper bag packaging from is consistently continuing on its path to becoming a system provider for packaging and is expanding its portfolio at regular intervals - in this case at the request of its customers. Because the consumer need for conveniently packaged products is great - market experts forecast global growth of 4.2 per cent annually until 2025.

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