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Are you looking for a cardboard slipcase that can be slid directly over the product? A book slipcase as a banderole, with insertable bottom or automatic bottom? Discover the cardboard slipcases from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

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1. What are carton slipcases?

Carton slipcases are a special form of folding boxes that are open on one or two opposite narrow sides. These slipcases are always slipped over the book or other item quite tightly. They can give products with relatively neutral packaging a visually appealing outer appearance.

Slipcases came about in the Middle Ages to protect particularly precious books, especially sacred writings, from damage caused by water, mice, worms, etc. Of course, other materials such as parchment, wood, leather, or cloth were originally used. Some of these early slipcases even had a book lock to prevent unauthorised persons from reading the "secret" content within.

2. The structure of a carton slipcase

Carton slipcases are punched out of a sheet of carton, folded, and then glued. The result is a cuboid container made of solid carton that is closed on four or five sides. The slipcase protects the item within, but also can serve as a special type of embellishment, since many carton slipcases are finished very elaborately, for example with hot foil or embossing. They can be customised relatively easily.

A variant on the slipcase is the packaging sleeve, which has neither a bottom nor a lid. Instead, it is slid over another box.

labelprint24 also offers 5-sided closed slipcases made of carton with different bottoms: a carton slipcase with auto bottom and a carton slipcase with reverse tuck end.

3. Possible applications of a carton slipcase

3.1 Functions of slipcases

The carton slipcase fulfils several functions.

The main function of a slipcase is to protect the product within. For example, protecting a book from wear and tear and dirt plays an important role to this day. The book slipcase is less sensitive to the chemicals in human self-adhesivein thanks to its coating or lamination with glossy films. In addition, it prevents fading of the cover in the sun. Readers and publishers have become less conscious of this function.

More important is the aesthetic and advertising function. A product in a slipcase is elegantly wrapped by the printable protective cover, appears more valuable, of higher quality, and is therefore more likely to stimulate its purchase.

Another function is the information function. A product slipcase should not only advertise, but also inform. It can convey the content and character of a product as well as its affiliation to a manufacturer or a product range.

3.2 Typical applications for carton slipcases

Protective slipcases are especially appreciated for popular fiction, art books, illustrated volumes, and book collections. Many publishers regard them as the most important advertising medium and the basis of a promotion campaign.

Depending on the type of book, a distinction can be made between typical and book-specific carton slipcases. While the former increases the brand recognition, the latter emphasise the singularity of the volume. To combine these two aspects, many publishers hire illustrators to create a distinctive look for their books for many years to come.

But slipcases are by no means limited to literature. Their protective and promotional functions make them interesting for many types of product packaging. Cosmetic sets are often packed in packaging sleeves, while CDs, DVDs, PC games, and Blu-rays are wrapped in an elaborately designed carton sleeves or slipcases for advertising purposes.

3.3 Distinctions from and relationships with other packaging

The practical use of slipcases compared to other folding boxes is obvious: in addition to an extremely stable protective packaging, it offers plenty of space for information and design elements. Boxes can also do this, but in comparison with a box, the costs for the production of a slipcase are significantly lower. In addition, it is faster and easier to pack products in slipcases.

4. Printing and finishing carton slipcases

High-quality printing matched to the carton is extremely important for every folding box. But this is especially true for slipcases. Our slipcases are printed using digital offset printing. The advantages of this technology compared to conventional offset printing are:

  • immediate drying which enables seamless further processing
  • affordable small and medium-sized production runs
  • personalised print jobs possible
  • high print quality similar to offset
  • no lead times, because no printing form is required
  • use of different printing substrates (paper, plastic films, self-adhesive material) without retooling or special inks

In addition to printing, a finish tailored to the purpose also plays an important role in the production of slipcases. As a professional folding box manufacturer, we can offer you a variety of finishes, some of which can ordered directly using the online calculator.

Finishes can be selected directly in the online calculator:

  • Dispersion coating (matte/glossy)
  • Protective laminate (matte/glossy)
  • Form punching
  • Warning triangles for people with visual impairments

Further optional refinements for slipcases include:

  • blind embossing
  • cellophane wrapping or lamination
  • hot foil stamping (gloss and matte effects; gold/ silver)
  • punching and grooving
  • UV coating (high-gloss, full-surface, digital)

5. Range of services

As a manufacturer of slipcases, our services range from consultation, development, and production to packaging and delivery.

Special advantages with labelprint24:

  • any format of your choosing
  • orders accepted for as few as 10 pieces
  • sample runs on request at any time
  • online calculator with instant price
  • fast delivery times and free shipping

6. Turnaround

We deliver your individually printed slipcases in just 7-10 business days. We can also off rush production in 5 working days and express production in just 2 working days.

7. Material

labelprint24 is one of the suppliers with the largest selection of paper types and carton types with different grammages for printing slipcases.

Suitable materials in our portfolio:

  • white standard carton
  • high white carton
  • colour carton
  • thicker carton
  • recycled/organic carton