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Folding boxes with tuck-in flap

Folding boxes with tuck-in flap

Are you looking for a folding box that is suitable for food, pharmaceuticals and toys and is available with differently arranged tuck-in flaps? Discover the folding boxes with tuck-in flap from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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Less is sometimes more - but not always! Individual customer requests for more design freedom and easy handling require individual folding box solutions. Solutions that deviate from the standard. Our folding boxes with tuck-in flaps can therefore now be calculated online in 2 new, mirrored variants. Your design and our boxes now fit together even better.

No matter how you have structured your print data and how you assemble or further process your boxes - we ensure maximum user-friendliness and easy handling. Our new folding box blanks help you to optimise workflows and save time and costs.

1. Structure of the folding box with insert flap

The folding box with tuck-in flap (also called tuck-end box) is probably the best-known variant of all folding box types. It can be found on every shop shelf. In industry, it is mainly used to enclose light objects as secondary packaging. It is designed to protect and optimally present its contents. For this purpose, its surface offers enough space on all six sides to present information and advertising in an attractive way.

Our folding boxes are foldable and are delivered in a flat, folded state. They are thus space-saving and can be erected as required.

The folding box with tuck-in flap always consists of only one body. Only the arrangement of the tuck-in flaps can vary. Labelprint24 offers you four options:


Standard, offset lugs + in mirrored version

In this variant of the folding box, the tuck-in flaps are staggered, i.e. when erecting, one flap is inserted to the rear and the other to the front.

In the standard version with offset tabs, the adhesive tab is at the front. The plug-in tab above is inserted to the rear, while the plug-in tab at the bottom is inserted to the front. In the mirrored version with offset tabs, the adhesive tab is at the back. As with the standard version, the tab at the top is inserted to the rear and the tab at the bottom is inserted to the front.

Folding box with offset flaps
Standard, offset lugs

Standard, offset lugs

Offset tabs, mirrored

Offset tabs, mirrored


Standard, opposite lugs + in mirrored version

This variant with opposing flaps differs from the variant with offset flaps in that the insertion flaps are inserted in the same direction at the top and bottom.

In the standard version with opposing flaps, the adhesive flap is at the front. The tuck-in tabs are pushed to the back. In the mirrored version with opposite flaps, the adhesive tab is at the back. The tuck-in flaps are also inserted to the rear here.

Folding box with opposing flaps
Standard, opposite flaps

Standard, opposite flaps

Opposite flaps, mirrored

Opposite flaps, mirrored


In summary, it can be stated that:

  • the offset tabs are inserted once to the front and once to the rear and the
  • opposite tabs can be inserted either to the front or to the rear.

Decide on a design for your folding box with tuck flap. No matter which variation you choose, Labelprint24 guarantees that your design will be applied to your folding box the way you want it, to your complete satisfaction.


2. Fields of application of the folding box with flap

This popular type of folding box is used as packaging for medicines, computer accessories, cosmetic products or food. However, this folding box is also used for a lot of other products, which would be endless if listed. Almost every cream, perfume, tea bag or spice is packaged with it. It is impossible to imagine any industry without the folding box, be it the cosmetics industry, the construction or electronics industry, the food industry, etc.


3. What functions does the folding box with tuck-in flap fulfil?

The folding box with the clip-on flap fulfils several functions at once:

  • Protection
    The contents of the folding box are protected from external influences such as dust, light, scratching or moisture.
  • Transport
    The folding box with tuck-in flap can be used as transport packaging, is super stackable and can be optimally presented at the same time.
  • Advertising and information
    Since the folding box offers a lot of surface area with its 6 sides, the company logo or slogan as well as important information can be conveyed to the user with it. Other secondary packaging, such as labels, can also be applied to it.

The folding box and its contents almost always form a product unit, which is also perceived as such by the consumer.

Functions of the tuck-in flap, dust flap, adhesive flap

The tuck-in flap is an elegant closure option for folding boxes. Without the tuck flap, the lid would open again on its own and it would not be possible to close it again after it has been glued once. Another advantage of the tuck flap is that the folding box does not need to be additionally sealed, e.g. with an adhesive seal, because it is securely closed.

To further strengthen the security of the folding box, tuck-in flaps can be provided with additional features, e.g. with locking slits. The front edge of the tuck-in flap has an incision on both sides, which then hooks into the two dust flaps when tucked in.

Folding boxes with tuck-in flap are also available with a safety closure. The "closing tongue" is an additional small flap opposite the large tuck-in flap, which is pushed into a slot on the edge of the tuck-in lid. The contents are thus particularly well protected.


4. Advantages of the folding box with tuck-in flap

The folding box with tuck-in flap is not the most popular and best-known packaging material for nothing, because it brings many advantages with it:

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