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As label professionals we know what makes things easier for our customers and can therefore offer you perfectly matched label dispensers. Our sturdy label dispensers and hand-held labellers not only make daily labelling easy, they also help protect your valuable label rolls and keep your workplace clean. The advantages of our manual label dispensers at a glance:   
  • Small footprint and effortless transport
  • Up to 5 different label rolls simultaneously in one device
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible due to rapid roll change
  • Rapid detachment of the label from the backing tape
  • Robust construction and durability

Honestly ... wouldn't it be very time consuming and impractical to apply each label individually to a surface, packaging or product without a label dispenser ?
Label dispensers by Labelprint24: inexpensive and convenient
To dispense labels with these practicaltable-top label dispensers simply pull the liner and the label will be fed forward and easy to grab by the operator. Whether at the production site, or at home, on the counter or at the sales stand, manual label dispensers will attach your labels firmly and securely wherever you need them.
Labelprint24 offers a variety of label dispensers in various widths and designs which impress with their first-class workmanship, high durability as well as their absolutely favourable prices.

Hand-held label dispensers by Labelprint24

Labelprint24's hand-held labellers are the first choice when a large number of items have to be labelled quickly and safely but it is not worthwhile installing an expensive semi-automatic labelling machine.
Hand-held label dispensers are used in every supermarket for price marking, and to label packages in warehouses and at dispatchers, where they are also the perfect complement to automatic labelling machines.

Operation of hand-held label dispenser
Press down the label dispenser and move the hand backward at the same time - the label will be peeled from theliner and attached to the surface by means of a dimpled roll . Just insert the roll with the printed self-adhesive labels, close the latch, and start tagging.
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  • Table-top label dispensers

A safe solution, neat and space-saving: To help you handle your labels we also offer the matching label dispensers .
Robust table-top dispensers made of metal and cardboard and hand-held labellers for roll labels in different sizes help keep your desk and workplace neat and tidy. They are also perfect to protect your labels from dirt and moisture. And what if something falls down?

A simple delivery can solve all your problems ...
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