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Cardboard cans

Cardboard cans

Cardboard cans from are multifunctional, stable and round efficiency wonders that offer excellent product protection and numerous individual design options for layout and design!

  • Cardboard cans with or without integrated protective layer
  • Sustainable through recycled cardboard
  • With individual 360° print

Discover the wide range of cardboard cans from!

  • Material
    Recycled cardboard
  • Format
    100% Free
  • Option
    Aluminium / Cardboard
  • Refinement

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Exclusive cardboard cans from

What are cardboard cans?

Above all, cardboard cans are a round thing - in every respect, starting with the shape. Thanks to their round design, cardboard cans - like membrane cans or paper cans - stand out strikingly from the usual packaging formats. In many areas of application, they are therefore more than just an alternative, because cardboard cans offer numerous advantages.


Easy filling of a wide variety of packaged goods - no problem for our cardboard cans. With the monoplastic press-in bases we use, the cans can also be closed quickly and easily - either manually or by machine. In addition, customised formats ensure that no superfluous packaging is produced. And thus also no superfluous costs.

Cardboard cans with Labelprint24 pattern
Ecological cardboard cans


The future belongs to sustainable packaging. That's why our cardboard cans are made from recycled material. This is wrapped and therefore has an excellent barrier and protective properties with a corresponding barrier. Apart from that, they can easily be returned to the recycling loop after use. The monoplastic bottoms, which can be easily recycled, also help in this process.


The round shape of the cardboard cans alone makes them an extravagant eye-catcher everywhere. It also allows for a particularly stylish design: Circumferential, holistic designs not only look terrific - they directly invite you to discover the entire can and its appearance. A clear advantage in direct customer contact and with the right finishes, the cardboard cans are real highlights not only visually but also haptically.

Stylische Gestaltung von Pappdosen

With the cardboard cans - optionally as membrane can (barrier) or paper can - you get a stable and light round packaging. Different diameters and heights give you the possibility to tailor our cardboard cans to your exact needs. We offer four diameters for both variants (56 mm, 73 mm, 90 mm or 99 mm), the height can be chosen between 50 and a maximum of 280 mm.

The robust materials guarantee excellent protection for almost all types of filling goods: from coffee powder to bottles of exquisite gin, the cardboard cans can safely enclose everything. With appropriate protective membranes, the cardboard cans are also an excellent choice for food.

Cardboard cans variety: Always a round thing

All-round packaging has a distinctive shape in common. Apart from that, however, there are several variants that can be distinguished in various ways. This makes for a great variety.

Round cardboard cans

Round carton

  • Collective term

    Round carton is first of all a collective term that includes all types of round shapes that are made of paper or cardboard. It does not matter whether these shapes are printed or unprinted.

  • Versatility

    Round cartons can be used in a variety of ways for packaging food, particularly high-quality products or for use in the technology sector.

  • Variety of forms

    Round cartons are differentiated according to their respective design. Among other things, open or closed sleeves, telescopic packaging as well as various types of tins (for example, scatter tins, jewellery tins etc.) are possible.

Paper sleeves

Paper or cardboard sleeves come in two fundamentally different designs:

  • Winding cores

    As winding cores, they are used to wind up flat and thread-like materials. These can be textiles, foils, metal strips and much more.

  • Sleeves

    However, the cores can also be used for filling, as protective packaging or spacers - and it is only for these uses that we actually speak of a sleeve (as opposed to winding cores).

Paper sleeves
Carton can

Carton can / Cardboard can

  • Descriptive

    The two terms ultimately mean the same thing, as does the term winding can. Carton cans or cardboard cans consist of several layers of recycled paper. At Labelprint24 we use environmentally friendly recycled cardboard so that the supporting wall is sufficiently strong and stable.

  • Inner & outer values

    Depending on the product to be filled, different inner layers can be used. This allows the properties of the cardboard cans to be adapted in many ways, for example, to improve resistance, compatibility, water vapour density, oxygen density, aroma density, liquid density or even the filling temperature.

  • Lid

    Different lids can be used for sealing, depending on the requirements of the packaged goods. For the cardboard cans from Labelprint24 we offer robust and at the same time lightweight lids made of plastic.

Membrandosen / Kombidosen

  • The name says it all

    Membrane cans - or composite cans - owe their name to the membrane that seals the lid. Among other things, it serves to protect the aroma and moisture.

  • Allrounder

    The special structure of the membrane cans makes them the ideal choice for every area of application and every industry. Food from instant coffee to spices to drinks; detergents, cosmetics or similar products; pet food and textiles: everything can be packaged safely and attractively with the membrane cans from Labelprint24.

Membrane cans

Paper cans

  • Stable solution

    The paper cans from Labelprint24 show that it by no means has to be sheet metal or glass if the packaging is to be strong and stable. By winding several layers of cardboard, the paper cans become incredibly robust - no bending and no folding possible.

  • Style

    Well styled all round - thanks to the option of printing the entire can body according to individual wishes. This turns the round packaging into a real design highlight. We also offer high-quality finishes with gloss or matt varnish. This guarantees the unique look your products deserve!

Stand out positively everywhere - high-quality Labelprint24 cardboard cans

Once just the cheap substitute for expensive tin or glass packaging, today one of the most versatile packaging solutions of all: cardboard cans are clearly one of the favourites among the available packaging. Because thanks to their numerous advantages, cardboard cans from Labelprint24 are an excellent option for every industry. Robust, lightweight, convertible - cardboard cans show their best side in every situation.

Areas of application for cardboard cans

Food industry:

Our membrane cans are the optimal choice for packaging food and luxury foods safely and presenting them attractively. Whether solid, liquid or in powder form, membrane cans always offer maximum safety - for the food and the consumer. From cereal to tea to food supplements, everything is conceivable as a filling. Even as bottle packaging, the cardboard cans with high-quality finishes make an elegant impression. Directly at the customer.

Cardboard cans for food
Cardboard cans for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry:

Tablets, capsules, powders, cleaning agents: pharmaceutical and chemical products are indispensable in everyday life, but require special properties in their respective packaging. They are only safe to use if they are adequately protected against external influences. The membrane cans from Labelprint24 have the required stability and barrier functions to keep medicines, health food products or cleaners safe.

Cosmetics industry:

Packaging for cosmetic products is not only about their safety and protection. They should also convey a certain attitude to life in order to reach customers on an emotional level. In addition to the special feel of the round shape, it is above all the wide range of visual design options that make cardboard cans the ideal packaging solution.

Cardboard cans for the cosmetics industry

Whether as a fine jewellery box for expensive wines or perfumes, as funny packaging for toys or as an unusual alternative for textiles: there is no industry for which top-quality cardboard cans are not an option to "conventional" forms of packaging. These examples already show how incredibly versatile cardboard cans can be. Thanks to their shape, they always stand out compared to other packaging and attract attention - attention that is guaranteed to reach your customers.

Discover membrane cans and paper cans in the best quality - at Labelprint24!

With our online calculator, you can create your individual cardboard cans in just a few steps. There you can design membrane cans and paper cans in all imaginable characteristics according to your ideas. High-quality materials, state-of-the-art printing processes and a wealth of experience are the perfect ingredients for providing you with customised cardboard cans in the finest Labelprint24 quality. Discover the possibilities of our membrane cans and paper cans - and find extraordinary packaging solutions for your products.