Package insert folded

Simply design and order individually pre-folded package inserts

package leaflets are essential for many products and must not be missing in the product packaging. Due to individual formats and folds, you can ideally adapt your package leaflets to product packaging and package contents while all important information is contained on them.

  • Individual folds in zigzag fold, spiral fold or cross fold
  • high print quality on high quality materials
  • production time starting from 5 days
  • various types of folds
  • 100% free formats for all products

Leaflets calculator

Quantity and number of versions

Please enter the desired total quantity. Minimal quantity: 10 for sort
Please enter the desired total amount. Min. order quantity: 10 per type.
Please also state the number of types.

Note: The number per type will only be queried at the end of the order when you upload data.

Example order
Quantity: 5000
Number of types: 3

- Type 1: 3000
- Type 2: 1500
- Type 3: 500


Please select the following features:
- Material
- Material properties

Format and folding

X 50 - 1000 mm
Please select the following features:
- Width of unfolded product
- Height of unfolded product
Width of unfolded product: 50 - 1000 mm
Height of unfolded product: 50 - 1000 mm

The dimensions you have specified are for unfolded leaflets.
Y 50 - 1000 mm
I want to adjust the closed/folded format
Open format
297 x 210 mm
Closed format
99 x 105 mm
6 sheets, 12 pages
99 x 105 mm 99 x 105 mm 99 x 105 mm
99 x 105 mm 99 x 105 mm 99 x 105 mm

We can offer you the following options:

Folding type (x-axis):
Folding type (y-axis):
Send contours by mail

Folding type

Please select the following features:
- Number of bends (x-axis)
- Number of bends (y-axis)
- Folding type (x-axis)
- Folding type (y-axis)


Please select the following features:
- Colour - Front
- Colour - Back


| 10,92 £ | Print data Checklist

Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

Working days: Mon - Fri
except holidays
3 working days delivery


Base net price 403,12 £
Total net 403,12 £
VAT 16% UK Information for companies that are entitled to deduct input tax outside Germany:

If you enter your EU VAT number during the ordering process, the VAT rate is 0%.

Otherwise the German sales tax of 16% will apply.
64,50 £
Total incl. VAT 467,62 £
Transport included!

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