Cushion boxes

Cushion boxes

  • Pillow boxes and other folding boxes with high quality prints from labelprint24
  • Customised boxes and special constructions upon request


    Number of versions:
    Please enter the desired total quantity. Minimal quantity: 10 for sort
    Please enter the desired number of version for this given format.

    Please note: when finalizing your order you can choose for each version the desired quantity and individually name each version in the text box provided.

    Number of labels: 5000
    Number of versions: 3
    - Version 1: 3000
    - Version 2: 1500
    - Version 3: 500

    This option is offered free of charge when you upload your print data.
    Please select the following features:
    - Length
    - Width
    - Height
    - Glued Edge
    Length: 35 - 232 mm
    Width: 8 - 23 mm
    Height: 70 - 400 mm
    Glued Edge: 8 - 25 mm
    Maximal values cannot be combined.
    Send contours on mail
    Glued Edge: 11 mm / Change
    Glued Edge: mm
    Filling height: 77 mm
    The final size of your boxes may be a bit smaller than value you have entered.

    Please select the following features:
    - Die cuts
    Optional shape:
    Die cuts:
    Please select the following features:
    - Material
    - Material properties
    Material properties:

    Packaging of pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, hair lotions, chocolate, and candy, high-quality food, ISEGA certificate for dry and oily food, PZH certificate for use in the food industry (dry and oily foods)

    Please select the following features:
    - Colour - Outer
    - Colour - Inner
    - Varnish
    Colour - Outer:
    Colour - Inner:
    Please select the following features:
    - Embossing
    - Protective laminate
    - Braille
    Emboss with shiny gold foil
    Emboss with shiny silver foil
    Emboss with matt silver foil
    Embossing (Die cut):
    Protective laminate:


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    After clarification of the details, you will receive a white scale for your material within 2 to 3 working days.

    Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

    Working days: Mon - Fri
    except holidays
    Production time:
    Country of delivery:
    Base net price 304,58 £

    Total net
    304,58 £

    VAT 20% UK 60,92 £
    Total incl. VAT
    365,50 £
    Transport included!

    Please note: These special online prices only apply for orders made directly online, and not by phone, fax or email.

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