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Printing company on course for growth

Labelprint24 has been producing labels and packaging in Zeithain for a year. The company is now reaching its limits there.

Zeithain. The production hall seems like another, clearer world: the cuboid printers hum and click quietly away. The ceiling light is reflected on the white floor. Every now and then, small nozzles spray water in the hall. "This way we keep the humidity at around 40 to 45 per cent," says Roman Kasper. "The ideal conditions for printing on paper".

Kasper is Marketing Director of Harder-Online GmbH, which is better known in the industry as Labelprint24. Since November 2017, the company has been printing labels and packaging for all of Europe in the Zeithain industrial estate An der Borntelle 4. In the meantime, the products also go to the American market. And now the first anniversary at the new location is coming up.

It shines and glows in the production hall of Labelprint24. Almost a year ago, the team around Marketing Director Roman Kasper (pictured) and Managing Director Stefan Harder moved to Zeithain into the old electrical warehouse, which had last been used as asylum accommodation. Since then, the printers have been working here at full speed.

Fittingly, the digital printer has given itself another reason to celebrate: A few weeks ago, the company entered the production of laminate tubes. This refers to aluminium- or plastic-based tubes for cosmetics, toothpaste or food. "We recognised a gap in the market here," Roman Kasper reveals. "When we noticed that many manufacturers buy the laminate tubes and then stick labels on them, we said to ourselves that we could also print the tubes." No sooner said than done. In the meantime, there is a modern, highly complex machine in the production hall, which is used to print, trim, roll, weld and open strips of plastic. The tube is finished.

"This has further strengthened our portfolio. Now we have everything from laminate tubes and matching packing slips to printed folding boxes," says Roman Kasper. In addition, the company produces so-called sandwich labels for peeling off and booklets that look like small books and are often stuck on cleaners or other chemicals to print the safety instructions there.

"We work in a growth industry." Consequently, the company is also getting bigger. Currently, 70 employees work for Labelprint24, about 45 of them at the Zeithain site. The rest are sales staff and IT specialists in Frankfurt, Weingarten or the Czech Republic. In addition, there are three trainees learning the profession of media technologist in Zeithain. The fact that production takes place there at all today had to do with the lack of space in Großenhain. At that time, the specialist in packaging printing reached its limits. A new location was needed. Since they were looking for a hall without pillars so that the printers could be set up freely and Zeithain was conveniently located for the employees, they decided to move to the former electrical warehouse. There, they are already reaching the limits again. Deliveries are partly stored in containers next to the building.

Cultivation to come

But another move is not up for debate. "We know the industry and naturally chose the location with foresight," says Roman Kasper. "That is why we will now also expand here. There is still enough space on the site for an extension."

While Kasper talks about the future of the company, the cuboid printers do their work incessantly. Large rolls are printed with labels and passed on to another machine, which first cuts the labels and then spools them onto another roll. Can you see Labelprint24's recipe for success here? Roman Kasper nods. "Each of these rolls is prepared for the exact customer request. Beforehand, the customer has been able to calculate his order completely transparently on our website."

Speed, openness and individuality - these are the buzzwords you hear again and again in the production hall. After all, Labelprint24 is also very proud of its range of products. Which, according to Roman Kasper, will not have to wait long for the next expansion. "But first we will anchor the production of laminate tubes in our programme," says the marketing director. And perhaps celebrate a little the first birthday at the Zeithain site. Even if it won't be the last.

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