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Etykiety termotransferowe - neonowe

Etykiety termotransferowe - neonowe

    Neon thermal transfer labels do not have a white or metallic surface; instead, the label paper is in striking, bright neon colours. This is a coating. Neon thermal transfer labels are great for drawing attention thanks to the in-your-face colours.

    Types of neon thermal transfer labels:

    • Price sign labels
    • Advertising labels
    • Fluorescent labels
    • Neon labels
    • Information labels
    • Rush labels
    • Promotional labels
    Neon thermal transfer labels are available in yellow, green, orange, and red. Neon thermal transfer labels are frequently used as price labels and special offer labels. Blank thermal transfer labels can be printed with many common mobile label printers or price labellers with text, barcodes, or numbers.
    The potential applications for the papers and films are described in detail in the calculator. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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