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Etykiety termotransferowe - metaliczne

Etykiety termotransferowe - metaliczne

    Metallic thermal transfer labels do not have a white surface, but instead feature a glossy metallic surface. The metal effect draws attention to the label and increases the emotional appeal of the product. Thermal transfer labels with a metallic coating can be printed like normal white thermal transfer labels.

    Types of metallic thermal transfer labels:

    • Price labels
    • Luxury labels
    • Cosmetic labels
    • Decorative labels
    • Industrial labels
    • Food supplement labels
    • Pharmaceutical labels
    Most often metallic thermal transfer labels have a golden or silver surface. The coating on these labels consists of wafer-thin aluminium. They offer a particularly good contrast against dark or structured surfaces.
    The potential applications for the papers and films are described in detail in the calculator. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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