Scelta libera del formato Scelta libera del formato
Consegna gratuita Consegna gratuita
Qualità dal 1961 Qualità dal 1961
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Scatole con fondo a scatto - alette alternate

Stai cercando una scatola stabile con una base a chiusura automatica? Che è anche adatta per il montaggio a macchina? Ordina la tua scatola con fondo a scatto da!

  • Lembi inferiori incollati e piegati
  • Con coperchio a inserimento e fondo automatico
  • Conforme allo standard ECMA A6020 / A60.20.00.01

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  • Produzione
    da 3 giorni
  • Materiali
    GC2 / GC1
  • Formato
    100% libero
  • Opzione

Folding box with crash lock base

Folding boxes with crash lock bases are mainly used in industrial packaging to allow heavy products to be quickly assembled manually. These folding cartons with automatic longitudinal seam bottom are very stable and are well suited for storing heavy contents, such as cream cans or small glass bottles. The folding box with a crash lock bottom and reverse tuck ends has the advantage that the packaging can be erected by hand faster than other types of folding cartons. All six sides offer space for information and advertising.

Typical applications for folding boxes with crash lock bottoms include packaging for wine bottles, cosmetics, metal goods, coal igniters, and natural remedies, provided that the packaging does not necessarily involve large quantities. Whenever the product could slip through due to its weight, folding boxes with crash lock bottoms are an ideal packaging solution. When folded, they do not take up much space and can therefore also be prepared for packing directly at checkout.

Advantages of folding boxes with crash lock bottoms:

  • lid opening ensures easy opening
  • large area for information
  • striking advertising possible on all sides
  • easy to fill
  • bottom closes automatically
  • well suited as packaging at the POS
  • low-cost production
  • the glued automatic floor guarantees a high strength