In front printed folding box with euro slot hanger

Euro slot tabs

Euro slot hangers are stable moulded parts made of strong plastic with an adhesive surface on the rearthat adheres strongly. They also feature a standardised perforation, the Euro slot. Euro slot hang tags are attached to product packaging for better presentation by hanging on displays or hooks.

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TOP PRICE: 280 gsm GC2 Folding boxboard, thickness 0.52 mm
215 gsm GC1 Folding Boxboard, thickness 0.315 mm
275 gsm GC1 Folding Boxboard, thickness 0.428 mm
325 gsm GC1 Folding Boxboard, thickness 0.52 mm
320 gsm GD2 White Lined Chipboard, thickness: 0.435 mm
400 gsm GD2 White Lined Chipboard, thickness: 0.59 mm

Details: white top side - double coated, ecru reverse side - uncoated.

Haptics: smooth top side, rough reverse side.

Suited for: food, pharmaceuticals, toys etc.

Certificates: FSC-certified material from sustainable forestry.

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Euro slot tabs- hang tabs

Euro slot hangers are used to hang products or packaging on shelves or display hooks. This allows goods to be optimally presented at eye level at the point of sale. Since the punching of the Euro slot hanger is standardised, the product can be placed on almost any self-service shelving system or any perforated wall.

Details about the Euro slot hanger

Depending on their load capacity, Euro slot hangers can be made of transparent plastic or crystal-clear strong PET film and are self-adhesive. At labelprint24 you will find a large selection with different dimensions and die-cuts. For special requirements, we can make reinforced and flexible hangers on request.

Advantages of the Euro slot hang tag

The Euro slot hang tag is a practical way to hang products at the point of sale and offers plenty of other advantages:
  • Thanks to standardised punching, they can be placed on almost any self-service shelving system/perforated display wall
  • The underside of the hang tag is self-adhesive
  • Ideal for adding to packaging/products for product presentation

Advantages with labelprint24:
  • any format of your choosing
  • orders accepted for as few as 10 pieces
  • sample runs on request at any time
  • online calculator with instant price
  • fast delivery times
  • customised on request

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Euro slot hanger in white, brown and black cardboard Euro slot hanger
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