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The folding carton FEFCO 0201 is the most common shipping carton. It is an easy and affordable solution for many packaging and shipping tasks, without neglecting the safety of the packaged goods during transport. The typical construction of the folding box FEFCO 0201 includes external flaps, which abut each other when closing and inner flaps, where there is still a gap. To firmly seal the shipping carton, adhesive or strapping tape is required.


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BC corrugation is a double-corrugated board constructed of a fine and a coarse corrugation with a very high stability. A twin-walled corrugated board is like a single-walled corrugated board adhered to one side of another piece of corrugated board. The coarse corrugation is used to provide better internal cushioning; the fine corrugation protects against mechanical stress on the outside. The narrow corrugation pitch makes it easier to print on the outer corrugated surface.

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Folding boxes made to measure

The folding carton is regarded as the ideal outer packaging for all types of packaged goods. FEFCO codes are used to describe the design of carton boxes and the FEFCO 0201 is one of the most common of all carton box designs. The folding carton FEFCO 0201 is constructed in such a way that it has lid and base flaps that butt against each other. The carton is securely sealed with the help of an adhesive tape or straps. Boxes can be custom-sized to fit the size of the product, thus requiring less filler like bubble wrap, crumple paper, or corrugated board blanks. From ecological and economic perspectives, these are important aspects that should be considered when buying boxes.

Our custom-made folding boxes are individually manufactured to your requirements and we offer a wide range of design options for your particular needs. Our folding boxes are made of stable single- or double-flute corrugated board and are available in white or brown. Recommendations:

  • single-flute corrugated board (B flute): for light goods up to 5 kg.
  • double-flute corrugated board (BC flute): for medium-heavy goods over 5 kg.

Due to their effective construction and high strength, folded boxes are suitable for safely shipping light to heavy loads and offer outstanding stackability. Folding boxes made of corrugated board are the ideal packaging solution for storing, shipping, exporting, or protecting products from damage, including scratches. Folding boxes are used for a wide range of applications, such as house moves or as shipping boxes.

Moving house soon? Our carton boxes are the perfect solution!

With our custom-made carton boxes, we ensure that everything is packed correctly and professionally. Whether it's for transporting your clothes, files, documents, or fragile items such as glassware: whatever you need for your move, you'll find it here. With quality and strength, even heavily loaded boxes will not tear or collapse. If you use custom-sized boxes, the content will be optimally packed and ready to go. Not just professional removal companies, but also private individuals can find the perfect support here for the transport of packaged goods for a move.

Want to ship goods and need suitable packaging? We can help!

Do you regularly send a lot of parcels to your customers, including those requiring special dimensions? Do you need shipping boxes that can withstand high loads and little air? At labelprint24, you will find your perfect packaging solution made to measure from stable corrugated board.

Which folding box is right for the job?

Boxes made with single-flute corrugated board are suitable for the secure dispatch, transport, and storage of documents, computers, monitors, printers, or CDs. They also work well for square or cube shapes or flat items. Single-flute boxes are best for products weighing up to 5 kg. For square products, or those that fill the packaging completely, this weight limit can increase up to 10 kg.
Double-flute corrugated board boxes, suitable for weights up to 40 kg, are particularly used for packaging, protecting, and shipping heavy, fragile or loose products, as they offer double protection and are extremely stable due to their double-flute design.

Advantages with labelprint24:

We offer boxes not just in standard sizes, but also in custom sizes to meet your requirements. Our online shop lets you calculate prices for boxes in any size imaginable and order them directly in any quantity. You can also have them printed however you like. Our made-to-measure carton boxes are easy to assemble and save space when stored, since they are delivered flat. Our made-to-made boxes are not only inexpensive to manufacture, they are 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. Two birds with one stone: make a valuable contribution to environmental protection while using the highest-quality boxes available.

Advantages of custom-made folding boxes:

  • safe protection for heavy and fragile products
  • extremely resilient due to very strong kraft liner design
  • easy to assemble
  • saves storage space and easy to handle
  • can be stacked on pallets, flat or square
  • economical and reusable
  • individual sizes can be calculated online
  • from small boxes for tiny parts to large carton boxes for heavy packaged goods
  • reliable closure with all types of adhesive tape
  • resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations due to high carton quality
  • suitable for secure dispatch by post
  • ideal packaging solution for shipping, transport, storage, and protection
  • inexpensive to manufacture
  • 100% recyclable

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cardboard box made to measure Fefco 0201 Punch outline of made to measure cardboard box Cardboard box according to Fefco Standard 0201

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