CSR Codes of Conduct

CSR Codes of Conduct

CSR as part of our corporate strategy
The company's management acknowledges its social responsibility. It is committed on a voluntary basis to the fair treatment of its employees, suppliers and customers, and respects environmental protection regulations as well as the ethical demands of our society. Thereby it adheres to the Code of Conduct and ensures that it is also respected by all employees.
Economics - the Market
Product quality and customer satisfaction
The customer is the at the heart of everything we do. The quality of our products, such as labels, booklet labels or multilayer labels, is designed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Our company has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for quality management.
Business Partners
We treat suppliers and other companies as partners. We believe in dealing fairly with each other and counter bribery and corruption through transparency and by giving employees clear instructions.
Public Relations
In our view, a regular, on-going and open corporate communication is a matter of course. We keep our employees, customers and suppliers as well as the public in general up-to-date on the latest developments in our company. 

Consumer Protection To ensure food safety and the protection of consumers, we only deliver goods that do not go against the interests of consumers, and comply with the legal requirements and official regulations. He is offered a suitable opportunity to contact our company.

Social Commitment - People
Reconciling work and family
We believe in creating a working environment in which work can also be fun. As web-shop operators  we are committed to being accessible to our customers beyond the usual business hours of normal printing companies. Therefore, our staff works multiple alternative shifts. We also offer mothers with school-age children part-time jobs. After the maternity leave is over, the new mother will find her workplace available for her again if she so desires.

Human Rights
Our company adheres to international human rights standards and is vigilant about not participating in infringements. 

Maintaining and expanding competences
All employees in our company are given the opportunity to continue their training and education in their area of work, such as for example in label production. Journals and reference books are also freely available. We also implement staff training as a complementary measure to the introduction of new technology or software. The company offers its employees access to information on the Internet at all times.
We give junior staff a chance! Young professionals and career starters are welcome in our company and play a vital role in meeting the demand for qualified personnel. 

Equal Opportunity / Employee Motivation
About half of our workforce has been in the company for a number of years now - a figure that reveals a high feel-good factor. Every employee is aware that, in our company, discrimination or harassment are not tolerated. We do not tolerate any discrimination against employees on the grounds of gender, race, disability, cultural background, religion, age or sexual orientation.
All employees are regularly shown and instructed about the necessary measures to protect their health at work. The consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other harmful substances is not allowed.  The workplaces are designed to comply with the legal guidelines for occupational safety. 
Corporate Citizenship
We offer school classes or kindergarten groups the opportunity to visit our company on project days and to get a taste of the so-called ""black art"" - the art of printing. We support the cultural sector of the city Weingarten by sponsoring advertisements in the town's programme brochure.
Ecology - the Environment
Climate protection
Our company accepts responsibility for the environment. We examine the use of environmentally friendly technologies, taking into account environmental aspects during the planning or development of new processes or new products, such as multi-page booklet labels.
Use of Resources
The Harder Group, as a processor of papers, inks, paints and other products required for printing, takes a special interest in the protection and preservation of the environment. Product improvements, new product launches and investments in production are always carried out with a view to minimise environmental impact. In order to meet these complex environmental responsibility requirements, in February 2009 we were certified according to the guidelines of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Weingarten / Großenhain on 10.10.2013
Stefan Harder

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